Sunday, July 28, 2013

Daddy Molested My Bald Little Pussy!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Teen Phone Sex

Yay! I am almost done with my very own teen phone sex site. Which will have my friends BFF's and fun stuff posted all the time. It's a cute little taboo ageplay and barely legal phone sex page where we can talk about anything and do anything nasty naughty or taboo that you want. You will even find my friends that you have never ever seen before. That's okay if you want to play with them if I am not available for a taboo teen phone sex call with you. I love being Daddy's girl, a teasing brat and many other things, but so do my friends. *giggles* Do you want to join the teen phone sex slumber party? I hope so. Cum spy in on us, Daddy! Or maybe you're the neighbor guy we get dared to go over and make out with or flirt with. We want to play spin the bottle. Do you want to spin it for us? *giggles*

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

2 Girl Phone Sex

Yay! This is my BFF, Vanessa and me. We do all sorts of nasty, naughty things together. We're the two taboo teen Princess you want to fulfill your dirty fantasies. We make great kissing cousins, naughty big sister and little sisters, Mommy and Daughter and much much more. Why not have to giggly cute teens share your cock or be your Bratty Princesses that always get what they want. *giggles*

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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Ageplay Phone Sex

I love when I get to be that taboo young thing next door for you and you come over and touch me everywhere my sensitive and tender young body needs to be touched. I love being fondled, touched, molested and being the sweetheart ageplay cutie that you just adore with a giggling young voice you'll become either addicted to or you'll hang up because you think I'm too young. (YES, that's happened.) I scared someone away with my tiny baby girl voice. But if you love a young voice phone sex cutie with no limits or taboos then I'm your little school girl. I love being daddy's girl, ageplay phone sex, no limits with little Miss Kaylee. Never ever. Even when I've had to dominate Daddy and be a giggle Brat, I loved it. Take advantage of my fantasy pre-teen pussy, fondle me, molest me, rape me... force fantasies are welcome. I also love being just the slutty all around teen seducing every man and boy in sight. *giggles*

Friday, May 11, 2012

Teen Phone Sex Itty Bitty Fuck Toy

I just love being an adorable little teen phone sex fuck brat. Doing those nasty phone sex things that other naughty babes won't do. I can do it all with the sweetest look on my face. Sometimes I surprise myself with how nasty I can really be. Just so super young and super slutty. With my itty bitty body and my puffy perky tits. Round bottom that I just love teasing with. I just can't get enough of being that cute little fuck doll that sucks on her lolipop and then sucks on your dick. Don't you want to ram it in my tight little pink bum hole and then have me suck my yummy teen girl ass juice off of it for you? *giggles* I get off being soooooooo incredible nasty.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Taboo Phone Sex - ANYTHING GOES

Trick me into doing nasty, super taboo phone sex dirty things for you! The kinkier, wilder, more taboo, the better. I'm just an innocent young girl; so cute and so curious. What taboo things would you have me do just for you? Take advantage of me in any way possible! It's SO much fun!

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Missing Daddy Phone Sex

I love being Daddy's darling. When can I run away and cum live in you and feel all of your love stick deep inside my sweet, sweet, honey hole? I'm all for Daddy and always all his. He fondles me, touches me, caresses me, and makes me feel tingly all over. I just want to sneak right under the covers and up close to him right now!